Haley’s Muhlenberg Writing Portfolio

Scarlett mittens, rosy cheeks, my eyes sparkle in delight at the joy of the first snow of the year as I twirl in the flurries of white. Click. My smile spreads across my face as my father holds up a camera proclaiming this a snapshot of our life that he must have. “Say Cheese!” Click. Life is full of moments. Through the medium of film, I gain the dynamic opportunity to tell an engaging storyline while capturing slivers of time. Within everything I create resides my unique view of the world. My work also gives me a space to reveal my beliefs, fears, and loves. My interest in telecommunications, particularly directing, started as just a hobby. My friends from stage crew and I would get together on the weekends, during junior high school, and make short films. It developed into a career choice in 10th grade when I began taking Telecom classes, and fell in love with the creative freedom of building and capturing my own little worlds on film.

Since the beginning of my college career at Muhlenberg, my work has taken a more social justice perspective. My first major film project as a college student was a 15-page social realist script about society’s obsession with celebrities and how the media is able to exploit both parties’ due to its position of influence over them. I also directed, scripted, and produced a documentary about lessening the strain on socioeconomically disadvantaged student’s pockets by using open educational recourses. Additionally, I have embraced Muhlenberg’s liberal arts culture by taking classes across a variety of disciplines.

Life is filled to the brim with incredible opportunities, and the most detrimental thing you can do is play it safe and let them flash by. I’ll never lose my spark and drive to tell stories in my own unique way. On this site you will find a sampling of writing I have done for classes thoughout my Muhlenberg carrer.

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