Why Do Stories Matter? (Free Write #1)

  1. They are a way of listening to people who are no longer here and a way for generations to pass down their knowledge to people after they’re gone.
  2. They are ways of examining the texture of our world concretely and abstractly, in order to derive deeper meaning from it and to care more about it.
  3. They are a way of examining and dismantling societal norms.
  4. They are a source of pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, and solace.
  5. They make you feel something by writing them; they are a way for people to make public what is normally private or confined to their thoughts.
  6. They shape the way we see the world around us.
  7. They transport us to new places and worlds that we don’t have the means to travel to or never you never truly existed.
  8. They invite us to be insiders we would otherwise be outsiders.

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